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Initial statement of the case. Once the contact has been established, we will either make an appointment with you so that you personally explain the matter to us or, if the first visit is not necessary, you will explain it to us by telephone or by any of the available means of communication.


We proceed to the Diagnosis and the personalized study of the case until the optimal strategy is identified. Evaluation of the possible costs of the entrusted matter and possibilities of return in favor of the client.

Once the preliminary evaluation has been carried out, an estimate of professional fees will be sent to the client. Once the budget is accepted, the client, if he estimates it, will have access in the cloud to any information related to his file.



Comprehensive monitoring throughout the process. The client will be informed at all times of the evolution of his case. You will be sent an access code either by email or in person, with which you will be able to access all the relevant information, writs and judicial notifications, payment history and invoices, all securely with Lex on Lefebvre technology.

Consult your file in the cloud safely through Lex-on Lefebvre

We offer comprehensive monitoring throughout the process. Remote and face-to-face advice and we have advanced office management technology, which offers security, speed and easy access to your data in the Cloud. Our document system allows us to speed up the processing more efficiently than in a traditional Office.

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