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criminal law

¿En qué podemos ayudarte?

Un abogado civilista le podrá atender en cualquiera de nuestros despachos en Tenerife. Contamos con una larga trayectoria trabajando con los Tribunal de Justicia de Canarias. 


Redacción e interpretación de de contratos, Reclamaciones de deudas, Reclamaciones de impagados, Reclamaciones de cantidad, Arrendamientos Compraventas, Arras, Defensa y representación ante Tribunales y Juzgados, Herencias, Etc.


We defend your rights

PARADELA LAWYERS offers you solutions for any problem in the field of Criminal Law, providing assistance  and direction  legal  necessary, both in Defense and in  Private Accusation.

  The crimes included in the Penal Code are very broad and sometimes very complex. is done then  essential in any procedure  effective legal aid that prevents  technical or formal errors and that may lead to unsatisfactory results. Within the Criminal Procedure the  natural and legal persons, regardless of the position that they occupy, whether they are accusers or defendants, practitioners of popular action, civil or injured parties, require the appointment of a lawyer for their intervention and effective participation in the instruction and processing of the procedure.

penal area

Criminal Law is the branch of public law that regulates the punitive or sanctioning power of the State. In other words, it regulates the set of legal norms that define certain behaviors as infractions (serious crimes, less serious crimes and minor crimes) and provides for the application of sanctions (penalties and security measures) to those who commit them.


In our office we will advise you  and we will guide effectively  throughout the criminal process, thus guaranteeing that their interests are protected and defended at all times

Arrendamientos, prop horizontal y desahucios

Redacción, revisión o negociación de contratos de arrendamiento

Sucesiones y donaciones

Asesoramiento jurídico en la redacción de testamentos y últimas voluntades.

Obligaciones y contratos

Responsabilidad civil contractual y extracontractual

Reclamaciones de cantidad

Reclamación judicial y extrajudicial de todo tipo de deudas

Online legal advice

Book your video conference and solve your legal questions with a specialized lawyer We respond to any legal query quickly, easily and effectively in the different areas of action

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